About Sandycove & Glasthule Residents Association

The SGRA is working on an entirely voluntary basis for the benefit of residents of the area. If you are a member, we’d like to thank you for your support and would encourage you to take an active part in the association (email info@sandycoveandglasthule.ie for more information).

If you are not a member and live in the area, please do consider joining the SGRA, as we depend on the support of our neighbours to make the Association an active and effective community group


The Association aims to protect and improve conditions and amenities in the area of the Association for the benefit of members of the Association. The Association is non-party political and non-sectarian.

Objectives are as follows:;

(a) to promote a sense of community and neighbourliness among residents of the area;
(b) to promote the preservation and improvement of the area as a suburban residential area;
(c) to monitor issues and problems affecting the area;
(d) to promote public interest and participation in issues affecting the area;
(e) to provide a forum for open discussion of issues affecting the area;
(f) to make representations in the interests of the members of the Association as a whole to all levels of government, other public authorities, organisations and persons whose decisions and actions may affect the area;
(g) the publication from time to time of a newsletter for purpose of informing members and residents generally of matters of common interest;
(h) to co-ordinate the activities of the Association with organisations having similar objectives;
(i) to promote cultural, educational and recreational activities for the residents of the area.